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Wild Astrology Death & Rebirth - What's Next?

A part of Wild Astrology (aka me) died during #Scorpio season to make room for a new reality that is aligned with my truth.

Beyond Scorpio season, in the past 2 months; Mars, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter have also gone direct after several weeks and months of retrograde re-evaluation & review. I want to share my personal reflection on this and its impact on how I will go about doing business at Wild Astrology.


Since Spring 2020, Wild Astrology has expanded TEN FOLD to writing monthly blog posts and newsletters in line with the New Moon and Full Moon, as well as astrological transits.

What you might not realize is that, in moments of despair and deep insecurity, I’ve found myself comparing myself to other Astrologers and even looking at different astrology schools. It doesn’t matter how much positive feedback and amazing testimonials I receive… Something tender within me needed attention. This teased my curiosity for looking deeper at the unconscious motivations driving these behaviours.

As a self-taught Astrologer, who has a peculiar relationship with external authorities (Saturn square my Scorpio stellium in the 10th house), I’ve been unconsciously trying to prove my skills through embodying what I believed “astrologers do” and what I think other people want.

I recently had a psychic reading with Kelly Sarlo and she invited me to reflect on MY legacy: what I want to be known for, what my unique role is, how I want to feel in all of it… VS driving my career based on what I think others expect, want, and need (hello people pleasing and perfectionism.)

So here we go...

While I draw much inspiration from the cosmos, I feel constricted in how predictive astrology, forecasting and astro transits govern what I write and speak about. My deepest yearnings of expression lie elsewhere. I want to come back to the pleasure of story telling and sharing my reflections on my personal experiences with the cosmos.

I’m letting of perfectionism and people pleasing. I’m letting go of the pressure to support you through translating astrological transits. I’m letting go of feeling like I need to offer workshops and Moon ceremonies every month. (There are incredible and highly experienced Astrologers & healers who are happy to offer this to you.) I’m letting go of needing to prove how credible and skilled I am as an Astrologer.

I’m honouring my desire to be an educator and to provide deeper, larger journeys of transformation through courses and coaching programs, instead of one-off sessions. I’m also respecting my inclination to speaking about things that align with my legacy.

When I think about the bigger picture (hello Sagittarius season!), my legacy involves women’s empowerment; specifically through menstrual cycle awareness, lunar wisdom, sacred sexuality, spirituality, depth psychology, inner child healing, holistic health, healthy communication and personal transformation.

As speech-language pathology set the foundation for leading me to where I am now, so has astrology. It is the vehicle for my next chapter, personally and professionally.

Astrology is very much still an asset and important tool in my work, but rather than focusing on what’s constantly happening “out there”, I want to focus on what’s going on “right here”.

Between the ethereal macrocosmic experience and earthly ancestral wisdom, we are the channels. Time and time again, the macrocosmic cycles ALWAYS cue me back to looking within; the instinctual cycles of my body and its intimate connection to my mind, emotions, spirit and nature itself. Drawing clarity and direction from this wisdom and dropping it down, down, down into our bodies as human beings living in a third dimensional reality. For practical implementation and meaningful transformation.

So for now, I can go by several titles to try to encapsulate who “I am” and what “I do”. This might change. I’ve written position, vision and mission statements to help clarity this. You can check them out here.

I’m sticking to MY lane so I can fulfil my destiny and play my unique role in the collective. I’m allowing space for myself to grow organically and authentically so this work can be more enjoyable and sustainable.

You can expect change in the way I share and present my offerings. I’m not exactly sure what this will look like, but I’m really excited and already feel the creative juices flowing!!!

For those who’ve been following me and who will continue supporting my work, thank you so much. If this is where we part ways, I respect you.

And so it is.

Merci. XO

Alex, Wild Astrology




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