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It breaks my heart to know how many of us have been left in the dark regarding our cycles, but it’s also fuel for my vision and mission with Wild Astrology.


I dream of a cycle-aware world in which we feel safe in embodying our natural rhythms. My wish is to empower cyclical beings and future generations to honour the truth of who they are and welcome their ever-changing energy, emotions, behaviour, body, and needs.


The body holds SO MUCH WISDOM. But we’ve been conditioned to repress and mistrust our bodies. We’ve been taught to hide parts of ourselves to feel worthy of taking up space. For Black, Indigenous, disabled, gender fluid, queer, abused, traumatized, and/or menstruating women and people of colour, the body might feel like a curse or an unsafe place. If you feel this… I see you.


In tuning into our psyches and bodies - our cycles - we come home to ourselves and create space for healing. We see our connection to the Earth, the Moon, and the entire cosmos.


That its seasons are our seasons. That its cycles are our cycles. That our inner phases are worthy of being loved. So we must be W I L D.


The thing is being WILD is much like a journey on an untravelled trail. Your psyche and body are the compasses - your Inner Phases are your rhythms. It’s like tuning into your unique song; only you can listen, yet you are not alone on this journey.


It’s not about the destination but more about experiencing and accepting the felt sense of what it is the be fully human. Where we feel sadness and pain, but also love, pleasure, and connection. 

To put it simply: My mission is to help you come home to yourself on this wild journey.


All of my services are offered online via Google Meat. Closed-captions, ASL translators, and text-to-speech options are not currently available. I try my best to meet you where you’re at and deliver the information in a way that is [relatively] easy to understand.

Within private sessions, you have the opportunity to speak in French or in English, as I am completely fluent in both languages.

I also want to acknowledge my limitations, knowledge gaps, and professional privileges. I am continuously unlearning and doing work to be more inclusive by learning from folks from marginalized and oppressed groups. I do not use a "one size fits all" approach to menstruality and "womanhood". I stand strongly in following my clients' lead and supporting them in honoring their unique truths.




I apply holistic, feminist, trauma-informed, sex and gender-inclusive, and anti-oppressive frameworks to my practice. As a self-identified White woman, I'm committed to unpacking my privilege and sociocultural conditioning.


I will not be doing business or working with anyone who does not align with these values.



If you’re unsure if my services and offerings are appropriate for you, please contact me. I will be happy to direct you to the appropriate service provider or professional based on your unique needs and goals.


Please feel free to provide any feedback as to how I can make my platform and offerings more inclusive and socially conscious.

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