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self-paced 6 week course

A holistic approach to living in sync with your cycle for self-love, flow, and connection using Moon wisdom, journaling, and trauma-aware mindfulness.

Because we work with the Moon, you can join whether you menstruate OR not 🩸 
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My life has 100% changed.

My relationships have improved, my reflection on my emotions day-to-day is more coherent, I am SO MUCH MORE gentle with myself. I give myself grace, I meet myself where I am, I prioritize my self-care so much more.

Courtney, Gemini


I know what it's like to be disconnected from myself, my cycle, and my body. Unfortunately, I'm not the only one. Most menstruators haven't received adequate support and education related to their cycles.


It leaves us in the dark about our ever-changing energy, thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and body. We're hard on ourselves for trying to keep up with the demands of a world that neglects our natural cyclical rhythms.

 It doesn't have to be that way.

I've taken the knowledge and tools gained on my journey, learning from experts in the field, to create this course so you — and future generations — can have your very own homecoming experience in loving your phases.

This program is for you if:

  • You love the Moon and you're curious to learn how it applies to your cycle (lunar astrology)

  • ​You're on the road to recovering your natural bleed and want to (re)connect to the menstrual on a holistic level

  • You want to connect to your natural cyclical rhythms, but you don’t have a natural or regular bleed

  • You want to put yourself first, prioritize your needs, and live in sync with your cycle (cyclical living)

  • You desire to better understand and manage your fluctuating energy, emotions, behaviour, body, and needs (cyclical awareness)

  • You want to cultivate more flow and connection and apply practices to support each phase of your cycle

  • You want to develop a more loving relationship with yourself, your body, and the world

  • You care about future generations, menstrual equity, and being empowered in your reproductive health

In LOVE YOUR PHASES, you have the potential to:

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I finished this course feeling like I had come back home to myself

 I felt that I was able to better understand what's been going on with my body, energy levels and self care needs! I am so thankful I took this course, especially as I transition into a new phase of life!

Emily, Aries

Course outline

The focus of this course is developing a psycho-spiritual awareness of the cyclical rhythms and helping you live in sync with them. Connecting to your Inner Phases is like tuning into your unique symphony of rhythms; only you can listen.


We begin with an introduction for getting us prepared for the 6 weeks ahead as followed:

Week 1: Setting the Foundation for Loving Your Phases

Week 2: Inner New Moon

Week 3: Inner Waxing Moon

Week 4: Inner Full Moon

Week 5: Inner Waning Moon

Week 6: Coming Full Circle 

We take a progressive approach to menstruality & cyclical living with an emphasis on being inclusive and community-oriented for past, current, and future generations. All sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome.

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What's included

  • IF YOU ENROL BY JUNE 24: One (1) private 45-minute Cycle Mentoring Session

  • Self-paced seven (7) module e-course with video and audio recordings, short texts, and quizzes (course lifetime access)

  • Signature guided meditations and reflective writing prompts for each week

  • Toolkit library including videos for pregnancy & postpartum, manifesting with your cycle, nutritional guidelines, the Fertility Awareness Method & more!

  • Online support for 6-weeks

Enrol today by selecting a plan that works for you
  • Best Value

    Love Your Phases

  • Love Your Phases

    Every 3 weeks
    Two Payments
    Valid for 6 weeks
  • Love Your Phases

    Every 2 weeks
    Four Payments
    Valid for 8 weeks
Payment plan
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 I would not hesitate to take another Wild Astrology course

Alex is a natural teacher. She actively embodies the knowledge of cyclical living and effortlessly communicates the wisdom of each of our many phases. Alex's Love Your Phases course was professionally crafted and easy to follow. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that we have lifetime access to the content as well!

Carley, Sagittarius


Estimated time commitment:


Approximately 2 hours per week (including course portion, meditation, and journaling), plus: ​

  • Self-directed reflection for tracking your Inner Phases

  • Time dedicated to loving your Inner Phases in daily life


Although this course provides a holistic approach to menstruality, it will NOT explicitly help you regulate your hormones, track fertility, or treat menstrual challenges on a biological level.

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Have questions and want to make sure this is a good fit for you?

What clients say about

Wild Astrology 


"This course was awesome! For someone who has worked with Alex in the past it was yet another wonderful experience! It was presented in simple direct information that is easy to incorporate into your life and make your own to meet your specific cyclical needs! I finished this course feeling like I had come back home to myself, it allowed me to be kinder to myself and meet myself where i’m at during each of my phases! Alex was also so amazing and added additional information to the course for me to provide insight into the phases and pregnancy! I felt that I was able to better understand what's been going on with my body, energy levels and self care needs! I am so thankful I took this course, especially as I transition into a new phase of life!"

Emily, Aries, 27


My love for the Moon led me to reconnect to my body and my cycle after years of being on birth control and not bleeding. As a high achiever, learning about my natural rhythms was life-changing for helping me love myself and cultivate flow and connection. Learn more about my education. training and professional profile here.


Alex Albert,
Wild Astrology

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