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The Lunar Lifestyle Guide

By: Alex Albert

Video of Alex doing a chandra namaskara or Moon salutation yoga flow near Golden, BC.

The Lunar Lifestyle Guide

The Lunar Lifestyle Guide is a comprehensive e-book designed to help you live in alignment with cyclical rhythms so you can intuitively come home to your highest self.

You will learn how to use the Moon phases as a tool to help you balance opposing energies, enhance self-reflection practices, inspiring intention setting, following through on goals, supercharge  manifestation rituals, develop your spiritual practice and strengthen your intuition

(aka lunar intelligence).


Part 1: 


Will provide you with the information and knowledge necessary to successfully implement a Lunar Lifestyle

Part 2: 


Will provide you with practical guidance for the implementation of a Lunar Lifestyle

Image by Kym MacKinnon


1. The connections between the Moon and menstruation
2. Journaling prompts for the 4 primary Moon phases
3, Guidelines for intuitively understanding cosmic energies including the Zodiac, houses, birth chart & transits
4. Frameworks for crafting Moon rituals including yoga
5. Practices for Zodiacal embodiment 
6. And much more!

From my Heart and Soul :

This guide is a compilation of the tools I use in my personal practice and what I teach in my coaching programs, and is appropriate for both beginners and more seasoned lunar practitioners.

Whether you’re curious about working with the Moon and you’re not sure where to start OR you’re a wild moon child and you want to take your Moon practices to the next level,  I am confident that you will LOVE this deep offering from my heart and soul!


I believe that helping you come home to your highest self creates long lasting ripples of conscious influence into the entire Universe.

The Lunar Lifestyle Guide is perfect if you want to amplify the power within you and come home to your highest self THUS intuitively create a conscious life from a balanced flow state.

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