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The birth chart is a map of the location of the stars from the exact time you were born. It provides a holistic framework for understanding your psyche, life experience, and potential evolution.

With 1 in 4 trillion chances of being born, the story you tell is a GIFT.
Let's read it, shall we?

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Wild Astrology's

People tend to come to me in moments of curiosity, transition, awakening, and/or healing.

Combining psychological and evolutionary astrology with counselling skills, I support you in becoming more self-aware, validated, empowered, and spiritually connected. 

In trauma-aware astrology, you are fully involved in the process of interpreting your birth chart.
Your birth chart - your story - comes to life with your personal insight.

Together, we explore your birth chart to help you become aware of patterns rooted in past lives, childhood, and life experiences. We also look at current and/or upcoming astrological transits to shed light and bring meaning to your ongoing experiences. With awareness and empowerment, you can respond more consciously and harness your strengths to fully experience life.


I intend to provide a safe space for self-exploration and healing on your journey home to yourself.

approach to aN astrology reading

Not only was she able to tell me about myself, my soul, and my lessons in life, but she goes above and beyond in so many ways. I was provided with help and nurturing that will help me continue to grow through the lessons I am currently facing.

Jessicah, Pisces, 26

Having a birth chart reading felt like such a natural step for me, and I'm SO glad I choose Alex to connect with! She explained astrology in such a digestible, beautiful way, and her passion for what she does truly shines through.

Taylor, Gemini, 27


(payment plans available upon request)

Pricing operates on a sliding scale between $125 - $200 CAD (hst included).

To book your session, select your desired service from the list below: 

Upon booking your appointment, you are required to pay a $50 deposit to secure your spot. All sessions are completed via Google Meet. Your investment includes a 35-minute Astrology 101 preparation video, your chart(s), and recordings. Natal chart, secondary progressions, and transits are considered in every reading. The value received will serve you well beyond the 60 minutes together.

YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL. Please check your junkmail folder.

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Astrology came into my life unexpectedly when I was in the process of leaving an abusive relationship. It initiated me into a profound healing journey and changed my life forever.  Learn more about my journey and professional bio here.

Alex Albert,
Wild Astrology

Alex is by far the most wonderful and knowledgeable intuitive astrologer that I’ve encountered. She not only knows a *wild* amount on the subject, but she actually LIVES and breaths her passion. It's inspiring to watch how she so gracefully and authentically sews her knowledge and intuition into her every day life and onto everyone she interacts with.

Brianna, Pisces, 28

Her birth chart reading continues to have a large impact on my daily life, and I am so grateful to have had the experience. One of the best things I've done for myself this past year. Love this woman! Once you know and learn about your own birth chart in one of her fantastic readings, you'll never look back.

Carley, Sagittarius, 26


What clients say about

Wild Astrology 

birth chart readings:

"This woman embodies every little bit of wild wisdom she shares. She is intuitive, caring and nurturing. She is very clearly on a path of healing and growth, and is here to share it with us through the language of astrology. Alex is gifted in her ability to interpret the blueprint of your soul and to relay the exact messages that you need to hear at that particular time of your journey and life. I had my first appointment with her a few days ago, I was not disappointed. I feel like I got everything that I needed to hear. Some things were new, but resonated deeply, and others were what I already knew, but needed to hear the affirmation to believe it. After my reading I feel reset, realigned with my soul, and grounded on my path. Not only was she able to tell me about myself, my soul, and my lessons in life, but she goes above and beyond in so many ways. I was provided with help and nurturing that will help me continue to grow through the lessons I am currently facing. I was given beautiful handwritten notes (that were clearly made with love) to help me remember, and resources to help me do the work. Just being in her presence is all the inspiration you need to become the brightest version of yourself."

—  Jessicah, Pisces, 26

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