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Gemini: The Third Sign of the Zodiac ♊️

The Storyteller of the Zodiac is all about wonder, curiosity, open-mindedness, and learning. The parts of you touched by Gemini are compelled to stimulate your mind, find your voice, and connect with your environment.

Gemini season: May 20th - June 21st in the Northern Hemisphere

Evolutionary goal: To find its voice and be led by curiosity (wonder and perception).

Planetary ruler: Mercury, the planet of communication and learning for intellectually engaging with the world around us.

Element: Air 🌬 (mental realm)

Mode: Mutable (adaptability)

House: 3rd (communication, learning, exchange of information, siblings and extended family)

Mantras: "I am amazed by the Universe." "Everyone is a teacher." "I deserve to be heard." "My voice matters."

Opposing sign: Sagittarius

Traits related to Gemini with symbols and butterfly image.

From a psychological perspective, the Twins of the Zodiac compel us to tap into the functions of the mind - the air element. Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, refers to the faculties that allow us to perceive, interact and connect with our surroundings; the nervous system, cognition, thoughts, speech, language, communication, social skills, travel, technology, etc.

Gemini also invites us to adopt a beginner’s mind. Think back to when you were young; when your mind was ripe for learning and your perception of the world began to shape unconsciously. The same applies when you're a student. In fact, Gemini carries the energy of an eternal student with its unquenchable thirst for novelty and intellectual stimulation.

On one hand, Gemini shows up when we are curious, social, communicative, open-minded, eager to learn, and willing to share our thoughts and use our voice. In its shadow, Gemini shows up when we are overly intellectual, talking without listening, dispersed in all directions, disassociated from our bodies, and anxious due to a hyperactive mind.

Every Air sign is concerned with the mental and social realms. Every Mutable sign is here to learn something and adapt. When it's Mutable Air as in the case of Gemini, we're here to learn and adapt the mind. In many ways, Gemini represents psychology and mental health. With Mutable energy, it reminds me a lot of neuroplasticity which is the brain's ability to change.

Where is Gemini in your birth chart? What's your Mercury sign? Do you have any planets in the 3rd house?

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