Gemini: The Third Sign of the Zodiac ♊️

The Storyteller of the Zodiac is all about wonder, curiosity, open-mindedness, and learning. The parts of you touched by Gemini are compelled to stimulate your mind, find your voice, and connect with your environment.

Gemini season: May 20th - June 21st in the Northern Hemisphere

Evolutionary goal: To find its voice and be led by curiosity (wonder and perception).

Planetary ruler: Mercury, the planet of communication and learning for intellectually engaging with the world around us.

Element: Air 🌬 (mental realm)

Mode: Mutable (adaptability)

House: 3rd (communication, learning, exchange of information, siblings and extended family)

Mantras: "I am amazed by the Universe." "Everyone is a teacher." "I deserve to be heard." "My voice matters."

Opposing sign: Sagittarius

Traits related to Gemini with symbols and butterfly image.

From a psychological perspective, the Twins of the Zodiac compel us to tap into the functions of the mind - the air element. Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, refers to the faculties that allow us to perceive, interact and connect with our surroundings; the nervous system, cognition, thoughts, speech, language, communication, social skills, travel, technology, etc.

Gemini also invites us to adopt a beginner’s mind. Think back to when you were young; when your mind was ripe for learning and your perception of the world began to shape unconsciously. The same applies when you're a student. In fact, Gemini carries the energy of an eternal student with its unquenchable thirst for novelty and intellectual stimulation.

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