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Hi there! Bonjour!

I'm Alex

I'm super stoked you're here!

Jsuis super contente que t'es là!

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My Gemini Moon & South Node keep me curious, communicative and inspired. My Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto bring in heaps of passion, emotion and soul. My Capricorn rising approaches everything professionally and wants to be taken seriously as a leader; yet waves of Uranus and Neptune usher in spiritual revolution to my identity. Chiron in Virgo compels me to heal my body and perfectionist wounds, so I can help you with the wisdom and skills I gain. Weave in Venus and Jupiter in Libra for drops of friendliness, beauty and harmony. Saturn in Aquarius for a hard dash of work in being inclusive, progressive and team-oriented. Oh and Lilith in Aries for assertive warrior and activist undertones. On a quest for truth with my North Node in Sagittarius.

MY ASTRO STORY (brief version)


I'm originally from Welland, ON, Canada but I'm currently living in North Bay which is traditional Anishinabek territory on lands occupied by peoples of Nipissing and Dokis First Nation. My ancestral roots are in Northern Ontario and France, et je suis bilingue FR/EN.


I think, talk and see the world through astrology. It really excites me to think about how much learning there is to do in a lifetime. I read books on astrology, psychology, trauma healing, menstruality, spirituality, consciousness, social justice, and personal development.


I balance this out with meditation, mindful movement, breathing, adventuring in nature, listening to music, and cooking (diehard foodie). I'm a sucker for animals and my nieces and nephew; they bring me so much joy. My cyclical lifestyle, morning sadhana, spiritual rituals, outdoor adventures, and relationships are essential for my well-being.


Oh and I am sooo in love with the Universe…  But my heart is in the near North of Ontario, Canada, aweing at sunsets and the Moon phases amongst the pine trees and lakes with my beloved partner Phoenix.

Click here to learn more about my education and training.

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