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Taurus: The Second Sign of the Zodiac ♉️

Taurus, the Earth Spirit of the Zodiac, aims to cultivate peace, calm, simplicity, and self-sufficiency.

Taurus season: April 19th - May 20th in the Northern Hemisphere

Evolutionary goal: To reach a sense of peace, calm, simplicity, and self-sufficiency

Planetary ruler: Venus, the planet of pleasure, beauty, and relationship that helps us connect to what we want and value.

Element: Earth 🌱 (physical realm)

Mode: Fixed (staying power)

House: 2nd (resources, money, self-esteem)

Mantra: "I am here." "Slow and steady is the pace."

Opposing sign: Scorpio

Descriptions and symbols related to Taurus

While Aries provides the energy, initial spark, and willpower to get the fire started, Taurus sustains and builds it with patience, work ethic, and resources (so it can be warm, relax, eat snacks, and enjoy the moment 😉). The Cosmic Bull is an ASSET when it comes to getting down to earth into our bodies and nature, and tuning into our senses to cultivate peace and grounding in the present moment.

Every Earth sign is concerned with the physical, material realm. When it's Fixed Earth as in the case of Taurus, themes related to physical security and stability become apparent. On an evolutionary level, Taurus aims to cultivate peace, calm, simplicity, and self-sufficiency. In other words, the part of us touched by Taurus wants to be able to provide for ourselves and know we have everything we need to survive and be well. When applied to 2nd house experiences, it has to do with money, finances, resources, assets, foundations, self-worth, and how we evaluate our self-esteem.

Where is Taurus in your birth chart?

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