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Full Moon in Aries Opposing Sun in Libra 2020

FULL MOON IN ARIES - October 1st, 2020, 5:05pm EST

PLEINE LUNE EN BÉLIER - Le 1er October, 2020, 17h05 EST

During her full phase, the #Moon sits in opposition to the Sun allowing her to illuminated in her fullness (hence the #fullmoon!).

This provides a great opportunity to find balance between masculine (Sun) and feminine (Moon) #energies. Tuning into the feminine currents within (Moon) so that the masculine (Sun) can birth and step out into the world.

Next, we add layers of energetic tones with the #Zodiac signs. This time, we’re working with the dance between the Sun in airy #Libra and the Moon in fiery #Aries as we lay between them on planet Earth.

Libra and Aries bring to light the issues surrounding maintaining our #independence (Aries/1st house) in the context of #relationships (Libra/7th house).

The Full Moon in Aries asks us to stand up for our individual needs as to maintain a healthy ego function while sharing with others; helping to prevent losing yourself by thinking of yourself first.

On this Full Moon, Luna meets up with Eris (Goddess of discord), Chiron (Wounded Healer) and #marsretrograde (war, aggression, action) in Aries… Lots of fire energy.


[Pause to make note of how you feel after reading that. It will give you an intuitive sense of the energetic currents.]

The Moon rules emotions and the #soul. Any planet that touches Aries demands courage.

So perhaps we could say that this Full Moon in Aries is asking us to gain emotional courage as we assert ourselves and reflect on our past actions for the present (Mars retrograde).... A demonstration of the co-creation between masculine and feminine energies.

This may bring extra sensitivity to fiery emotions such anger, frustration and rage. The Full Moon in Aries teaches us the magic of these sacred burning emotions, but she may also tempt us to her shadows: impulsivity, impatience, aggression, competitiveness, explosive arguments, control…

Luna helps us align with our highest selves by cueing us to become aware of fiery waves so we can express them in healthy ways when they arise rather than repressing them.

Relationships (Libra/7th house) undoubtedly require compromise, cooperation and sharing. However, successful navigation also requires upon each person maintaining their own sense of Self.

Teaching us the art of healthy conflict, the Full Moon in Aries reminds us that harmony and peace (Libra) often follows after you assert your individual needs and set boundaries.

Cardinal Aries Full Moon asks:

How can you focus on yourself in the context of your relationships?

How can you establish healthy compromises in your relationships while also focusing on yourself?

How can you express your needs and assert yourself in your relationships?

Are your projecting your individual fears and wounds onto others? If so, how can you mirror that back to yourself?

Sometimes the answers aren’t clear right away. You can look at the where Aries and Libra are in your #birthchart, and pay attention to any planets around 9 degrees of cardinal signs. If you're not sure, you can get on my waitlist for #astrology readings here.

Regardless, the Full Moon will surely bring illumination. Pay attention to how you feel and notice what comes up. It may begin to make more sense as the Moon begins to wane.


I want to illustrate these energies with a personal story:

My partner and I have a lot in common, and have very similar birth charts. Something that’s been a big theme in our conversations is career aspirations (we both have 10th house stellium.

I personally take my career very seriously and, deep down, have #fears and #wounds surrounding the fulfilment of my #destiny. To be honest, I’ve had a hard time not being hypercritical and controlling of my partner’s career/work decisions.

Last week, Phoenix asserted himself and set #boundaries with me in this regard… This totally triggered me and I began to cry. I then realized that I was projecting my fears onto him. A mirror. From there, we had a deeply #healing conversation and our trust in each other strengthened.

By thinking of himself and expressing his needs consciously (Aries), we re-established harmony and the integrity of our union strengthened (Libra)… This also illuminated my sh*t and how I was sabotaging the relationship through my #subconscious fears. Needless to say, it was uncomfortable but super healing and loving in the end.

This is the #magic that occurs when Aries (1st house) and Libra (7th house) interact in healthy ways.

The strong independent wo(mxn) and the lover.

The warrior and the peace keeper.

The pioneer and the diplomat.

Balance me and we.

Stepping into the inner fire for outer harmony.

When you think about yourself, it helps others...


Fierce love. Amour féroce. 🌕🔥🖤

Alex, Wild Astrology

PS. There will be an entire section on using the energies of opposing Zodiac signs as it portrays to the Moon phases in Part 2 Lunar Lifestyle Guide! Get started with your copy of Part 1 here.




Note: There is a stew of other cosmic energies associated with this Full Moon as it squares power planets Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. I recommend checking out Kaypacha’s weekly Pele report from New Paradigm Astrology for a more advanced interpretation of #astrological transits.




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