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There is only so much we can cover in a single astrology reading.

A package allows us to go deeper within a safe, empowering, and consistent container to be guided on your journey home to yourself.

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Astro-Coaching Sessions

In an astro-coaching package, you'll receive ongoing guidance and support for integrating and embodying the insights revealed in your birth chart and transits.


It also allows us to dive deeper into your birth chart while considering timing techniques like the Solar return, secondary progressions, transits, and annual profections as needed.


To complement astrological counselling, sessions include empowerment coaching for self-love and transformative healing. This approach integrates several modalities such as trauma-sensitive mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, somatic embodiment, communication/relating skills, inner child healing, shadow work, cycle mentoring, mindset, and more. The experience is uniquely tailored to you.

This package is also suitable for family and relationship readings.

Wild Astrology

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If you’re on the fence about getting this for whatever reason, know that this wonderful human pours herself into her work, her preparation, and her study/intuition to craft the most perfect readings for her clients!

Leslie, Taurus, 33

The amount of work that Alex does in one session is phenomenal, accurate, and precise. You helped me navigate through some very intense moments that I had gone thru in my younger years and in the end, it made so much sense.

Kathleen, Taurus, 62

Your Investment

(Pricing in CAD, hst included; payment plans available)

Four (4) sessions

Eight (8) sessions

Twelve (12) sessions


60-minute sessions are completed via Zoom. Includes a comprehensive assessment, written report for each session, charts, recordings, unlimited online support in-between sessions, and signature resources.

Sessions are scheduled on a need-basis.

Email Alex or book a FREE Clarity Call by clicking the buttons below to discuss this in more detail and make sure it's a right fit.

work with
Alex for
a year!

What clients say about
Wild Astrology:

"This woman embodies every little bit of wild wisdom she shares. She is intuitive, caring and nurturing. She is very clearly on a path of healing and growth, and is here to share it with us through the language of astrology. Alex is gifted in her ability to interpret the blueprint of your soul and to relay the exact messages that you need to hear at that particular time of your journey and life. I had my first appointment with her a few days ago, I was not disappointed. I feel like I got everything that I needed to hear. Some things were new, but resonated deeply, and others were what I already knew, but needed to hear the affirmation to believe it. After my reading I feel reset, realigned with my soul, and grounded on my path. Not only was she able to tell me about myself, my soul, and my lessons in life, but she goes above and beyond in so many ways. I was provided with help and nurturing that will help me continue to grow through the lessons I am currently facing. I was given beautiful handwritten notes (that were clearly made with love) to help me remember, and resources to help me do the work. Just being in her presence is all the inspiration you need to become the brightest version of yourself."

—  Jessicah, Pisces, 26

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