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In modern culture, darkness is seen as evil and something to fear. The result is being resistant of- and extremely unprepared to face the inevitable darkness of the human experience such as fear, death/change, stillness, pain, intense emotion, the unknown and forces beyond our control. However, this wasn’t always the case. In ancient times, our ancestors were very good friends with the Dark God/desses as it brought much value through its cyclical wisdom, spiritual connection and deeply transformative medicine.


This product contains a recording of the Befriending The Dark (workshop, meditation, yoga). In this 2-hour session we:


☾ Begin by creating sacred space followed by cosmic lesson on the teachings of "darkness", Scorpio, the Lunar Samhain and cyclical rhythms as it portrays to stepping into your power, the process of death & rebirth, cultivating a deep relationship with your spiritual roots and coming into compassionate acceptance of all parts of you.


☾ Sit together in reverence for our ancestors, past lives and all that is beyond the physical realm during a visualization meditation.


☾ Reflect on what it means to positively embody the darkness with journaling prompts.


☾ Integrate these cosmic insights with a Vinyasa yoga class.


Here's what people have said about the workshop:


“Thank you so much Alex! This was exactly what I needed this evening <3 your wisdom and insight is incredible!!”


“Thank you for proving a safe space to go into the darkness. I can’t put into words how much gratitude I have for this time you set aside for this. Much love xo”


“ALEXXX, you bring so much emotion to everything you do - thank YOOUUU!! I needed to pause and reset!”


“Thank you for guiding us on a deep journey through the darkness, literally went to another place, thank you <3”


“Thank you so much Alex. Tonight was informative, soothing, and magical all at once. Im so at peace right now, so calm, I can honestly barely think.”


“You killllllled it - I cried. And I laughed and my body feels open and bendy. I’m ready to concur the next month and six months. Also ____ joined for the meditation and he said you have an epic way of explaining visualization. He got out of the meditation and was like “woah woah, she’s good. She’s like reallllllyyyyy good”.”


“SO F*CKING SICK. I was “a serpent coming out of the shell” and the song that was on had like Maracas of some sort and legit felt like I was coming out of a Cocoon. Just in the right moment and I just started crying. It was wild. And then you picked the card and I heard your voice crack, and that was it - again.”


“A whole other world I experienced tonight, so much emotional release, and understanding. I literally cried the entire time, but for once it didn't really take over my body. I allowed the stream to flow from me and was able to keep peace in my breath. It was magical.”


“This work you are doing, it's making the world a better place Alex. I can't thank you enough.”


“It was so so amazing Alex thank you so much!! Really powerful, thought provoking and grounding, much needed!!”


"Thank you so much! Last night was super lovely. Had so many creative juices flow through which I totally wasn't expecting. Appreciate the space you held."


Ready to dig your roots into the nourishing soil of the dark and develop a deeper, more wholesome relationship with yourself?


You can come back to this workshop anytime you want to take a trip on a Wild Dark Moon, Scorpionic journey for coming into acceptance of all parts of you; particularly in times when the Dark Goddess is asking to dance with you.

Befriending The Dark (Workshop, Meditation & Yoga)

  • This workshop includes a download of a .zip (1.74 GB) file containing:

    - Workshop preparation tips & post-work reflection questions for integration (.pdf)
    - 59:57 hour workshop on Befriending The Dark & meditation (.mp4) 
    - 1:06:17 hour Vinyasa yoga class (.mp4)

    Please ensure you download the .zip file as soon as you get the link because it will expire after 30 days.

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