Exposing Our Roots - Full Moon in Taurus 2020

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

#FULLMOON IN #TAURUS - October 31st, 2020 at 10:49am EST

#PLEINELUNE EN #TAUREAU - Le 31 octobre 2020 à 10h49 EST

Ft. Samhain and Conjunction to Uranus & opposition to the Sun in Scorpio

Also known as a Blue #Moon as it is the second Full Moon in October this year.


On the Full Moon phase, the Moon and Sun are always in complete opposition from one another with the Earth sitting in between them. In astro terms, we call this an opposition aspect formed by an 180 degree angle between the planets. Taking this a step further, we can know that it’s an opposition by looking at the Zodiac signs.

With the Sun at 8 degrees of #Scorpio , the Moon will become illuminated in its fullness when it travels to 8 degrees of Taurus ♉️; initiating the FULL MOON.

It can be helpful to look at the planets and the Zodiac signs on their own, but so much more depth and meaning comes when we look at the interaction between the energies at play because everything in the #Universe is connected.

This is very much like the process of #alchemy, and in this context, it is the alchemy that occurs within the human psyche and our life experiences as it reflects celestial events.

On this Full Moon, we’re working with dynamic dance between Scorpio energy as it relates to our outward expression (Sun) and Taurus energy as it relates to our inner world (Moon).