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Astrology provides a framework for understanding the psyche, the human experience and life itself.

More specifically, the Zodiac signs help us understand the various archetypes of human behaviour - from the unconscious shadows to more conscious evolutionary expressions.


In this 2 hour virtual workshop, join Counselling Astrologer & Holistic Empowerment Coach Alex Albert as she will explain the foundations of Astrology with a focus on the Sun's journey through the Zodiac to help you learn the language and connect to the wisdom of the universe (aka the wisdom within yourself!).

We will discuss the patterns, energies, elements, ruling planets, modes, seasons, archetypes and chakras associated to each sign, including shadows and evolutionary endpoints with an astrological birth chart demonstration.


In addition, you will discover how the Zodiac signs:
- Reside in all humans at varying degrees
- Reflect predictable, specific and reoccurring energetic patterns
- Offer powerful tools for personal development and for reaching higher levels of awareness
- Help you go with the flow and maintain balance by reflecting the alternating energies of yin and yang in life
- Reflect the cycles of nature and draw a path to spiritual enlightenment

A Journey Through The Zodiac

  • This workshop includes a download of a .zip (396 MB) file including:
    - 2 hour workshop on Journey Through the Zodiac (.mp4)
    - 1 Journey Through the Zodiac Presentation (.pdf)
    - 1 Zodiac Wheel Activity (.pdf)
    - 1 Attributes of the Zodiac Sign (.pdf)


    Please ensure you download the .zip file as soon as you get the link, as will expire after 30 days. 

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