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You’re imperfect and I love you - Full Moon & Neptune in Pisces Opposing Sun & Mercury in Virgo

#Virgo energy helps us transition out of summer / #Leo season and prepare for the colder months ahead by compelling us to getting our act together and organizing our lives for overall self-improvement.

With Mercury being its ruling planet, Virgo has a sharp intellect that can very easily point out imperfections and imagine the ideal goal to aim towards. This is what gives Virgo the motivation to transform itself. With Virgo being an earth sign, this transformation is focused on the physical realm; health, routine, responsibilities and being of service to others.

Both #Mercury and the Sun are currently in Virgo, so our minds AND our life force #energy & focus are all currently coloured with this energy. ♍️

Very very much needed for helping us re-establish balance after Leo season/summer, but we can quickly run into the Virgo shadows of getting lost in the small details.

With Mercury (mind, communication) and the Sun in Virgo in opposition to #Neptune in #Pisces (deception, imagination, disillusion), we can quickly fall prey to illusions within the mind; keeping us separate from the matters of the heart and #spirit.

Comparison. Hyper-criticism. Negative self-talk. Debilitating perfectionism

Giving too much power to the realistic, tangible, physical side of life.

This feeling of “falling behind”.

This feeling of “scrambling” and constantly needing to be doing something productive… Yet, we end up procrastinating with meaningless actions; attempting to compensate for the insecurity we feel.

Not feeling “good enough”, yet also feeling like you’re “too much”.

Forgetting that we are spiritual beings; vessels for divine energy to flow through and manifest in the 3rd dimension.

Can you relate?

The upcoming #FullMoon comes around to meet up with Neptune in Pisces on September 2nd, 2020, at 1:22am EDT, to add another layer of emotion and mysticism to the mix.

Image by Cocorrina Found on Pinterest

This Full Moon has the potential of being extremely healing OR even more deceptive. We have the choice. And that’s why it’s so powerful to work with the cosmos.

We can choose to:

1. Continue down the road of illusion escaping from the reality of our true feelings or from the shadows of our subconscious OR

2. Dissolve the veil of illusion by shedding light; bringing the unconscious into consciousness and releasing control…

What follows next, when we choose the latter, is a potentially disorienting feeling of vulnerability and emotion. Almost like fog or a cloud.

The Full Moon compels you to connect to a higher power and drop into your heart space; inviting compassion into your being. This is your compass to help you navigate through the fog.


Slow down and relax. Do what feels good to you. You are enough. You are loved. You are supported. You are doing your best. There is nothing to fear. Everything is happening in divine order. I love you.

In my last blog post, I wrote about how we can work with opposing Zodiac signs to cultivate energetic equilibrium.

The Piscean waters of this Full Moon conjunct Neptune can act as a much needed balm of love to soften the pace and criticism of Virgo, and healing the #soul by bringing its illusions from the #subconscious into #consciousness. Balancing the logical mind with love from the heart. The interaction of earth and water.

It’s like seeing your imperfections and shadows, yet loving and accepting yourself regardless. This is what this cosmic energy is all about.

This applies to the collective as well. The #shadows of the #collective unconscious - the dark parts of our #psyches that are casting darkness and creating illusions of separation - are being asked to be brought into consciousness.

#JanaRoemer compares #astrological aspects to water currents. We are working with the cosmic currents of the Full Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces in opposition to the Sun and Mercury in Virgo.

Here are some things you can do to help you consciously swim with this cosmic current:

- Slow down and dedicate time to #selfcare

- Do a heart #chakra #meditation

- Spend time by water and/or that a bath

- Do a gentle, fluid, feminine-quality #yoga flow

- Write a forgiveness letter (to yourself or someone)

- Pay attention to your dreams (they are a window to your subconscious)

- Review your journal entries or reflect on where you were 6 months ago (around the New Moon in Pisces) and make note of how far you’ve come

- Allow yourself to cry if needed and express your emotions through art

- Write a list of things you’re grateful for

- Observe your thoughts (even the dark ones) like clouds in the sky, without judgment; just noticing and becoming aware of them

- Focus on the things you love about yourself and others

For the record, what I’m sharing with you is also coming for personal experience. I, too, am feeling the shadows of Virgo. Years ago, it would have been very very difficult to navigate through. With my #Chiron in Virgo in the 8th house, this tends to be a really dark period of time for me.

The thing is, the #darkness is still there. But rather than running away or getting consumed by it, I befriend the darkness because I realize it is natural alchemical process of #healing and renewal. I now know what to do to align with my highest self as I move through dark times.

Every single one of us has Virgo energy within us at varying degrees, so I know that many people may have a similar experience. This is why I’m sharing this. I’m also incredibly passionate about helping you consciously swim through the cosmic currents so you can come home.

The answers are within you and all around you. It’s closer than you think I’m here to be a reflection and a guide. We dive deeply this in the Empowered Feminine Coaching Program – there are only 3 spots remaining!

Contact me at if this resonates with you and let’s chat about how we can make this happen 💖

Sending you so much healing on this Full Moon in Pisces. May illusions be brought into consciousness and hearts healed. XO

Alex, Wild Astrology

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