The Progressed Chart & The Person You Are Becoming

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

The person you once were is not the same as the person you are becoming. The map to understanding this developmental process in #astrology is the progressed chart.

As an Astrologer, using secondary progressions has become one of my favorite techniques to deepen my interpretation of astrology charts and how a client is evolving. I find it outstandingly accurate in my personal life and in client testimonies.

What's the difference between the natal chart, the progressed chart, and transits?

The natal chart - also known as the astrological birth chart - is a map of the stars calculated at the exact date, time, and location of your birth.

I love the seed-tree analogy used by Astrologer Steven Forrest in The Changing Sky to describe the link between natal, progressions, and transits:

The natal chart is the seed potential of our soul's evolution. It is and always will be the root of our interpretations. Without it, we lose perspective. If the natal chart is the seed, progressions show us how this seed is growing, evolving, and maturing.

If we have an acorn, we understand the potential of it growing into an oak tree. Progressions mirror the process of the seed's growth into a tree.

For example, my natal Sun is in Scorpio and my progressed Sun is in Sagittarius. Scorpio traits are inherent to my personality, but my evolving Self or character has since a