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The Progressed Chart & The Person You Are Becoming

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

The person you once were is not the same as the person you are becoming. The map to understanding this developmental process in #astrology is the progressed chart.

As an Astrologer, using secondary progressions has become one of my favorite techniques to deepen my interpretation of astrology charts and how a client is evolving. I find it outstandingly accurate in my personal life and in client testimonies.

What's the difference between the natal chart, the progressed chart, and transits?

The natal chart - also known as the astrological birth chart - is a map of the stars calculated at the exact date, time, and location of your birth.

I love the seed-tree analogy used by Astrologer Steven Forrest in The Changing Sky to describe the link between natal, progressions, and transits:

The natal chart is the seed potential of our soul's evolution. It is and always will be the root of our interpretations. Without it, we lose perspective. If the natal chart is the seed, progressions show us how this seed is growing, evolving, and maturing.

If we have an acorn, we understand the potential of it growing into an oak tree. Progressions mirror the process of the seed's growth into a tree.

For example, my natal Sun is in Scorpio and my progressed Sun is in Sagittarius. Scorpio traits are inherent to my personality, but my evolving Self or character has since adopted more Fiery-Sagittarian traits. All Scorpios will eventually become Sagittarius if they live long enough for this progression.

On the other hand, transits are the movement of the celestial bodies through time according to their natural astrological cycle. Their transits evoke shifts in our mind, energy, body, and experience as they interact with our natal and progressed charts.

To refer to our acorn-oak tree analogy, transits show us the conditions faced by the tree over the course of its development. For instance, rainstorms, sunny days, neighboring plants, animal friends, hit by lightning, etc.

Let your imagination rest here for a moment... Now consider the complexity of how this would apply to the human experience.

Baby oak tree in the soil.
Image by Михаил Павленко on Unsplash
A combination of natal, progressed and transit interpretations provide a wholesome astrological picture of one's journey of self-becoming.

Ideally, a skilled evolutionary Astrologer will consider the natal chart, progressions, and transits when preparing a reading to better understand their client. Keep in mind that there are other techniques such as the solar return and profections for annual birthday readings. It's not possible to explore it all in-depth in an initial reading. This is why astro-coaching packages are so great.

How is the progressed chart calculated and interpreted?

As mentioned above, we need the natal chart to calculate the progressed chart. Thankfully, in the 21st century, we have computer programs to generate charts for us. I use TimePassages by Astrograph. In addition to their professional desktop software, they have also have a handy mobile app that I use on a regular basis.

The methodology behind secondary progressions is as followed:

Say you are 43 years old today. Your progressed chart for today would be the astrological chart from 43 days after the day of you were born.

If you were born on December 1st, 1978, your progressed chart for age 43 would be equal to the astrological transits on January 11th, 1979 - 43 days after your date of birth. Your natal Sun is in Sagittarius, but your progressed Sun entered Capricorn around your 21st birthday. In other words, on December 21st, 1978, is when the transiting Sun ingressed into Capricorn.

Progressions are interpreted differently than natal placements and transits. Some planets, such as the slower-moving outer planets will barely move at all in the progressed chart.

What matters most in the progressed chart is that you pay attention to the Sun, Moon, and Rising including any aspects they make to natal placements and angles, as well as changes in signs and houses.

Full Moon above clouds

From my perspective, the most mind-blowing component in progressions is the lunar-developmental cycle, or the interaction between the Moon, Sun, and Nodal cycles.

In secondary progressions, the Sun moves one degree per year whereas the Moon changes signs every 2 and a half years.

I ask myself: What Moon phase was this person born under? What phase is it in the progressed chart in relation to the position of the progressed Sun and lunar nodes?

This will tell us a lot about your evolving lunar energy, emotional state, karma, and the manifestation process of unique soul impulses.

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Here's to honoring who we were, who we are, and who we are becoming.

Alex Albert, Wild Astrology




Alex is a Counselling Astrologer, Life Coach, Holistic Cycle Educator, and Yoga Teacher. She is passionate about combining cosmic insight with practical, body-based, trauma-aware modalities for lifestyle integration and transformative healing.

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