Post-Travel Letter: Time is Fleeting - Leo Season

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

I just got back from the trip of lifetime – a month long Canadian road trip out West with my love in our camper van – and I feel compelled to writing my first blog post. So here we go!

One of my favourite things about #travelling is how relaxed I feel; how connected I am with my Wild essence and mama Earth. In some ways, when I return home, I am afraid of losing that; sinking back into my habitual patterns and not being where I’m meant to be. So there is an underlying fear of missing out.

I could share so many fears, wins, realizations and lessons that have come up during my travels, but a theme that always re-occurs is my relationship with time.

Time is always fleeting, yet it is also an illusion. Travelling really puts this into perspective. One moment you’re flowing with high vibrations, immersed in epic surroundings. The next moment, it’s gone.

What a mindfuck… And a truly powerful metaphor for life.

At the end of every trip, I am pulled in 2 opposing directions:

1) Filled with gratitude for my experiences

2) Not being happy where I am, reliving my past experiences and searching for the next high

Can you relate?

The danger of the highs is that they can blind you to the beauty of small things; the gift of each moment. I definitely feel this.

So I look to the stars for guidance and, in the midst of #Leo season, I find clarity in the fixed fires of lion/ lioness. #Astrology is, after all, the most ancient form of #divination