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New Moon in Libra: The Power of Love in Turbulent Times - Oct 2020

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

NEW MOON IN LIBRA - October 16th, 2020, 3:31pm EST

NOUVELLE #LUNE EN #BALANCE - Le 16 octobre, 2020, à 15h31 EST

Featuring T-Square aspect, Mars Rx & Mercury Rx


On the New Moon phase of the lunation cycle, we have an opportunity to set an aim, plan or intention for the next 1-6 months.

As Luna travels through the backdrop of the 12 Zodiac signs, she lands in different Zodiac signs on each New Moon. I personally love to draw inspiration from the #Zodiac signs to guide intention setting. I teach you how to do this in the Lunar Lifestyle Guide.

On Oct 16, 2020 at 3:31pm EST, we are working with the medicine of the New Moon at 23 degrees of Libra.

However, this New Moon may not feel like typical Libra energy as both the Sun & #Moon will be making square aspects (conflict) to Pluto, Jupiter & Saturn in #Capricorn AND oppositions (tension, compromise) to Mars Rx, Eris and Lilith in Aries. This forms what we call a T-Square aspect between Libra, Aries and Capricorn - similarly to what we experience on the Full Moon in Aries a couple weeks ago. Check out my blog about it here.

On top of this...

With #Mars being in #retrograde in its home sign of #Aries from Sept 9 to Nov 14 2020, our actions and plans take a halt as we take check on what we really desire, what triggers us and how we react, make decisions and manage anger & impatience.

#Mercury also went retrograde in #Scorpio on Oct 13 2020; giving an extra intuitive, reflective and emotional current to our mental circuits and communication activities. Revisiting and re-evaluating our relationship with the other and the power it yields - for better or worse.

At the same time, Mercury will be making an opposition to #Uranus in #Taurus… Sudden awakenings and new perspectives may arises. Mercury will then retrograde into #Libra on Oct 23 before it stations direct on Nov 3 2020; helping us re-establish balance and harmony in our partnerships.

Individually, we are working with the dynamics between partnerships/relationships, our individual needs, our financial security/career and power dynamics. Collectively, we can see this playing out with COVID-19 as well our relationship with the government/institutions and the way we treat the earth. This may also be a reflection of our relationship to ourselves… Much needed mirrors.

I am personally feeling this A LOT as I have several planets in Scorpio, Libra and Capricorn in my #astrological #birthchart which means the current #cosmic energies are triggering sensitive areas in my life & psyche. PLUS I am approaching my Moon time so I’m also feeling bold, irritable and emotional. If you want to know how this applies to you, get on my waitlist to receive an astrology reading.

So yes, we can expect setbacks, re-routing and misunderstandings with the current cosmic climate.

Yet, the cyclical rhythm of the Moon teaches us that this process yields much needed renewal and transformation. We cannot go back to how things used to be, individually and collectively.

In the Fall season in the Northern Hemisphere, nature demonstrates the beauty and magic that occurs when you let go and allow the alchemical process of transformation to take over.

So how do we take this wisdom into our lives?

As cyclical beings, our best bet is to consciously flow with these rhythms. On the New Moon, we can set intentions for a rebirth or new beginning. This is why it’s SO useful to work with #astrology and to implement a #lunarlifestyle.

As both Mercury and Mars are in retrograde for the next lunation cycle, Libra medicine is an absolute asset.

For the purpose of setting New Moon intentions, I am cued to reflect on the evolutionary goal of Libra: To calm down and reach a state of serenity.

In the midst of turbulence and ambiguous times, Libra asks: How can you find calmness? How can you remain balanced and centered?

The peacekeeping and diplomatic qualities of Libra suggest that perhaps a heart-to-heart is needed with a loved one. Or maybe negotiation and compromise is needed to ensure that everyone feels equally heard, seen and satisfied.

The shadows of Libra remind me to be aware of tendencies to avoid confrontation, be indecisive, overly compromising or to force peace at all costs. (Check out my blog from the Full Moon in Aries to help you balance this)

The beauty seeking, artistic and Venusian qualities of Libra remind me to see the beauty that surrounds me and to practice gratitude.

The air #energy of Libra remind me of the power the breath, music, and positive thinking for peace of mind.

Libra, being ruled by the heart chakra - the centre of love, peace, harmony and forgiveness - reminds me of the power of love; especially in turbulent times.


“I am calm."

“We are all worthy of respect.”

“There is so much to be thankful for.”

“Beauty surrounds me everywhere I go.”

“I allow myself to move like the wind.”

"I tune into my breath for peace of mind."

"Love knows the way."

This isn’t about neglecting the truth of how you feel or bypassing sh*tty situations, but rather to help us stay mentally sane as we move through challenging times. It's also to help us become better partners to our loved ones, communities, the human family and mama Earth. More importantly, it's to remind us to always lead with love.

This is Libra (and 7th house) medicine.

To put this into action, I will personally embody the energy of Cardinal air sign with Zodiacal embodiment practices. I’ve included an extensive list of these for all 12 Zodiac signs in the Lunar Lifestyle Guide. Get your copy here.

With peaceful love.

Avec amour paisible.


Alex, Wild Astrology




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