Mother Nature is Talking; We Have to Listen - Virgo Season 2020

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

One of the most enlightening things I’ve learned from studying #astrology is how connected we are to nature. Outer space is part of our #nature. Nature is a reflection of us. We are nature.

We can look at the state of the #Earth and gain a lot of insight about the state of the collective #consciousness… And if we’re being honest, it’s pretty devastating.

Just as our bodies send us messages, like over the course of the #menstrual cycle, Mother Earth herself is sending us a TON of messages. We have to listen.

How is it that some people are listening and some aren’t?

Our relationship to ourselves is a reflection of our relationship to the Earth. So perhaps if we were to truly listen, we wouldn’t be happy with what we would hear.

It would mean that we would have to face the overwhelming truth of reality.

Shattering a false sense of security.

It would mean changing your lifestyle and getting out of your comfort zone.

Calling you on your bullshit and asking you to let go of the victim or naivety of the Maiden.

It would ask you to embody the protective Mother.

Living with integrity and willing to ruffle feathers.

It would mean looking at the darkness, and still lead with hope and optimism.

Turning pain into passion and power, and finding your unique role to play.

It would ask us to come together.

This scenario is mirrored in SO many situations. Individually and collectively. Can you think of any?

Whatever it is, at some point or another we have to face the truth of what is, and sometimes it’s disheartening AF.

The Dark goddess teaches us that renewal, transformation and power follows. But first, you must tune in and slow down enough to listen. Unfortunately, this type of #selfreflection - or feminine energy - is not valued in modern society and frankly, it is feared.