Menstruation is a Fundamental Function of The Female Body and Pillar to Self-Esteem

I remember a time when I was uncomfortable in my body, and frankly disconnected from it; living mostly in my mind through negative self-talk and body shaming. And I know this is something that many of us have in common.

Also a trait of Virgo, who represents the relationship we have to our physical bodies, health and hygiene. Sometimes, we can fall into the shadows of distorted body image, hypercriticism and perfectionism…

Only holding value for what is perceived as “clean”, “young” and “pure”. An emotional, mental and spiritual epidemic in society, the media and deep within the collective unconscious.

Ugh. I still feel this lingering within me from time to time but something really healing has occurred in this regard over the past few years, especially since I started honouring my Moon time. Gradually, I’ve developed a much healthier relationship with my natural body, that most of us are taught to be ashamed of (explicitly or not).

Nudity. Menstruation. Genitals. Sexuality. Breasts. Body hair. Body weight. Etc. (taboo, am I right?!)

To be honest, my partner and I were naked every chance we could during our cross Canada road trip and it was f*cking liberating. We see children naked and free at the beach all the time but as we get older, we tend develop deep shame about our natural bodies.

Young girls are meant to be initiated into #womanhood on their first #menses, celebrating the arrival of the magical creative force within and openly guided through the learning process – this is called #menarche. The truth is, in modern society, this is practically non-existent, and most womxn do not receive the proper support for developing a healthy relationship with their bodies.

The thing is, menstruation is a natural fundamental function of the #female body.

So when we are disconnected from it, neglect it or have a negative association with it, this sets a shaky foundation for the relationship with our physical body which in turn can lead to low #selfesteem and #selfworth… Spilling out into all areas of life. Unfortunately, most womxn wish their #menstrualcycle would just go away or be controllable.