Hello Virgo Season 2020 - Thank You For Helping Me Get My Shit Together

My inner child feels so nourished after Leo season. It was wild, fun, playful, spontaneous and full of high energy which is exactly what Leo medicine calls for!

But there comes a time when it becomes, frankly, too much... Over the past week, my heart and mind have still been in play mode, yet I was starting to feel ungrounded, tired, anxious and disconnected for my highest self.

That’s my intuition’s way of saying that I need to switch up gears to re-establish energetic equilibrium.

For a lack of better words, I feel like I need to detox from the hang over I feel from Leo season. Anyone else?!

What’s interesting is that I’ve noticed this pattern at the end of every single summer ever since I started following the Sun’s journey through the Zodiac over 5 years ago. One could assume that it is simply because of summer festivities, but these trends correlate so sooo well to the energies of the Zodiac (too well to brush off if you ask me…).

No hate on Leo energy. What I’m saying is that we are simply not meant to be functioning at the same pace all the time; otherwise, we burn out, bore ourselves or go crazy.

We are cyclical beings that require a balance in energies for optimal health and vitality. Yet, what we need for achieving this state of balance is dynamic and constantly changing. Thankfully, the cosmos help us with this

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You can interpret the Zodiac signs individually, and in so many ways. One of my favourite ways to do so is by analyzing them in relation to the preceding and proceeding signs. The 12 signs follow a specific order for a reason.

For instance, Virgo energy is a reaction to Leo energy to help re-establish energetic equilibrium individually and collectively. One sign is not better than the other, it’s just the order of the Universe (aka the order within our psyches).

Now, I want to make it clear that there is ALWAYS so much going on in astrology and this Zodiacal philosophy can be applied to every single planet. BUT I personally find it much easier and more relevant to focus on the Sun & Moon’s journey through the Zodiac [PS. I’ve got 2 workshops about this for ya – check it out here