Being a Digital Content Creator is Not Glamorous, Here's Why

Take a peek at my journal entries from February 2020 to now, and you’ll see that the expansion of my online business coincides with a decline in my mental health.

Journal, candle and coffee
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Many of us have benefitted from social media. Not only for connecting with friends, family, and strangers from all over the world but also for business, economic, political, and educational purposes.

However, there is a huge shadow that no one seems to talk about in the digital entrepreneurship and content creation world: Social media makes us feel like sh*t.

With this in mind, are the benefits of social media really worth it?


Many people sell the idea of “ditching the 9-5” for the freedom to follow your dreams and making 6-figures by being a digital content creator or influencer on social media platforms.

There came the idea of monetizing my passions and starting a business. After all, I hadn’t been fulfilled in my career path at the time, so this felt like the right choice. I pursued this path with tremendous optimism and naivety. After all, so many people were selling the dream - so it must be true, right?

From the outside looking in, my carefully curated Instagram profile and website show evidence of success. However, this isn't an honest representation of what’s really happening.

My journal entries sound like a broken record; one that’s gotten louder and more severe over time.