Befriending the Dark Goddess - Full Moon in Pisces 2020

Let me be honest here: From the outside I am may appear to have my shit together and be in control (#Capricorn Rising), but I definitely have my challenges and lots of darkness.

I’ve had an emotionally and mentally rough few days, which was heightened because I was on period. Many of my shadows came to the surface… Really doubting my skills, worth and direction. Comparing myself to others. Overworking to compensate for my insecurities. Perfectionism. People pleasing. Punishing myself up for the mistakes I’ve made. Fear of failure…

Maaan. The Dark goddess is here for a visit as the cosmic currents are activating my Chiron (wounds, healing) in the 8th house (dark parts of the #soul, transformation). This happens every #Virgo season for me.

But yesterday, something different happened as the #Moon met up with #Neptune in #Pisces for her fullest expression:

I paused to welcome the #DarkGoddess and watched her dance with curiosity, like a child having a tantrum, without judgment.

Holding space for it to occur safely as I self-soothed and cried on my yoga mat.

To allow her to make mistakes. To allow her to not keep her word. To allow her to disappoint others. To allow her to be sad, mad, scared and tired. To allow her to change her mind and sit in uncertainty. To give her permission to just be.

And to love, accept and respect her regardless.

For she is enough. For she is doing her best. For she is learning to love herself in all her phases.

So let her dance.

For the storm is when the illusions wash up to be released.

For the tides help transform, renew and restore her being.

For the tears soften and melt the barriers around her heart.

She is loving #awareness. In her dark. In her light.