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Be Kind To Yourself - A Love Note From the Waning Moon in Cancer

Be kind to yourself. Seriously though. You’ve been trying SO hard. There has been so much pressure in the #cosmos in 2020.

There’s currently a grand Cardinal square between #Aries, #Cancer, #Libra and #Capricorn. I kind of see this as 4 CEOs arguing around a table, simultaneously trying to initiate different projects. Trying to work together, yet their strategies go against one another.

We also have #Mars, the planet of war and action, who went #retrograde in its home sign of Aries. So we are beginning to re-trace our past steps and review our actions; determining what action plan best suits our desires and needs.

This is in turn can manifest as this feeling of “pressure”; individually and collectively. Frustration and irritability can come up as things aren’t happening “as quickly” as we might want them. Almost like a boiling point. At the same time, there may be this feeling of not even wanting to be doing anything…

I definitely felt this over the past 2 days as I observed so much self-doubt, worry, and fear arise from my subconscious. What’s f*cked is that I even felt shame for feeling this way. Gah.

Yesterday, I had the biggest (like dry heaving) cry I’ve had in a while as I opened up about the complexity of my state of mind and emotions to my partner. Although it was incredibly uncomfortable, vulnerable and “ugly”, this is the exact release I needed.

The waning #Moon in Cancer reminds me to be kind to myself and to, well, mother myself.

That it’s okay to feel because life is hard at times. That it’s okay to be want to be seen, loved and held. That it’s okay to take a break. That all I can do is try my best.

If you resonate with what I’m saying, remember to take care of yourself. Be your own mother, but also remember that it’s okay to want to feel and to be nurtured by others.

Consider connecting to Mother Earth herself.

I'm sharing this because I want to normalize the fact that we are human and it's okay to feel emotions; all #emotions. We live in a society that values intellectualization, logic and "fixing". This results in most of us having shame surrounding our emotions and fearing vulnerability... Repressing our #feminine nature.

The teachings of the #Moon, the #menstrualcycle, the cycles of the #universe and life itself tell us that it is natural for us to have periods of darkness and uncomfortable emotions.

Going from dark to full and back to dark. These are your natural rhythms. We are not meant to be at the "full moon" all the time (although society tells us we should be).

We dive into this in this Empowered Feminine Coaching Program and I'll be guiding you every step of the way of you take action to embody your natural rhythms. Message me if you're interested.

Love. XO

Alex, Wild Astrology

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