Astrology is in our Ancestral DNA

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

You may wonder how #astrology has anything to do with life on Earth. The thing is, we’ve forgotten that outer space is part of nature, too, and it is in fact deeply rooted in our #ancestral DNA.

So let’s pause and connect to one of astrology's most fundamental components:

The #Sun and #Moon.

Warrior one yoga posture along campfire at Lost Lake, BC, on a First Quarter Moon Phase
Photo of me taken at Lost Lake, BC, on a First Quarter Moon Phase

When there was no electricity, the human life experience was altered based on the phases on the Moon. For instance, during the Full Moon phase, the entire landscape is lit up at night. In contrast, during the New Moon phase, when the Moon’s light disappears, we can no longer see at night.

For early humans, this had a significant impact on their survival. Going outside during the dark lunar phases might mean being a predator’s next meal.

The monthly #waxing (growing illumination) and #waning (decreasing illumination) #lunarphases therefore prompted times of outward activity as well as inward retreat. They provided symbolic understanding for periods of growth, creation, manifestation and harvest with its complimentary counterpart of slowing down, death, decay and rebirth.