Aries: The First Sign of the Zodiac ♈️

Aries, the Pioneer-Warrior of the Zodiac, is on a quest for developing courage and establishing its identity in the world.

Aries Season: March 20th - April 19th (Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere)

Evolutionary goal: the development of courage and a healthy ego-function

Planetary ruler: Mars - the planet of action, aggression, & sex

Element: Fire 🔥 (spirit, life force)

Mode: Cardinal (initiation)

House: 1st (personality)

Mantra: "I am."

Opposing sign: Libra

Descriptions and symbols related to Aries

After long winter months of hibernation and the emotional thawing of Pisces, Aries' fiery energy provides much-needed inspiration, invigoration, and life force.

Every fire sign is here to develop an identity. In Aries territory, it's about identity in action because it's a cardinal sign. The part of us that is touched by Aries has reached a point of evolutionary growth where it’s learning to develop courage. Aries does this by seeking stressful situations and being bold, assertive, headstrong, and direct.

It's also the biological impulse towards outward initiation in the world through our separation from the womb as independent individuals. As we evolve, we develop an ego-personality. Having an ego is important so we can find our center and have a clear direction in life. This is why Aries is a natural Pioneer and Leader.