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You’ve got some questions related to your menstrual cycle or reproductive health?

This is a great place to start!

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My Intention

This is a safe space to be seen, heard and supported in all things related to lunar-menstrual cycle and reproductive health. 

I know what it's like to navigate the medical world and to experience challenges as a menstruator.

There are no weird questions or judgments. Menstruators and non-menstruators are welcome, including gender fluid and trans folks.

You deserve to have access to high-quality cycle education and professional support.

I will do my best to support you with the knowledge I have and guide you to the appropriate resources or services, as required.


Scroll below to order your service ticket and book your session!

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Pricing operates on a sliding scale as followed:


$70-90/hr: For those who couldn't access my services without this option: low-income/precariously employed, no financial support from family; queer, trans, disabled, chronically ill, BIPOC; little to no expendable income each month.

$91-115/hr: For those who would need to consult their budget first; low- to mid-income, with some money in savings and/or financial support from family; has expendable income each month.

$116-135/hr: For those for who can make the purchase without batting an eyelash: mid- to high-income/stably employed, with savings account and financial safety net; can afford to take vacations and make other large purchases with relative ease.

Payment plans are available upon request.

Sliding scale description inspired by Margeaux Feldman

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Thank you! Check your emails for next steps including scheduling your session.

Cycle Awarness Scale

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